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Setup Instructions

  1. Go to and click on the Get Started button.
    • Note: You can choose the Premium edition if you would like.  It provides more storage space and 24/7 tech support, but costs.
  2. Click in the radio button next to "Administrator: I own or control this domain."
  3. Type in your domain name without the http:// or the www. Example: If your domain was, you would type in
  4. Click the Get Started button.
  5. Fill out the requested information and make sure to put a check in the box next to "I understand that if I cannot alter DNS records for my domain, I may impact my organization's ability to use Google Apps."  You must do this in order to continue.
  6. Set up the administrator account by choosing an email username and password.
  7. Click the I accept, Continue With Setup button.
  8. Click Create New User.
  9. Fill in the first and last name of your user, and choose an email address for them by typing what is in front of the @ symbol.
  10. Click Create My User.  To add more users click the Create Another User link.  Continue this until all of your users are setup.
  11. You can use Google Mail for Apps with Outlook, Outlook express and any other program you can do POP or IMAP through.  View information for using an email client.
  12. To make your new mail live you will need to change your MX records.  For information changing your MX records see the help guide here.  If you need further assistance with this please send an email to  They will be able to assist you.  Make sure you have your username and password of the place you purchased your domain from. 

Blackberry Users: For information on setting it up on a Blackberry view the help guide here.

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