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More content on a website means better search engine results

You often hear that content is key to building a great website.  What exactly does that mean and why would content be key to the success of a website?

Too often attorneys build a website that has 1 page for each of their practice areas.  Those sites get swallowed up in a sea of competition.  When Google is trying to provide the best results for someone looking for a lawyer in their city, it has to evaluate several things in order to give the best results.  Google looks at how old a domain is, how much content is on the site that relates to the individuals particular search and does the site allow for easy navigation for the search engine spiders.  If someone does a Google search for "Car Accident Attorney (City) (state)" the search engine then looks at your site with 1 page on Car Accidents and it looks at your competitors site which is dedicated to Car/Truck/Auto Accidents.  Google knows there are more words, pages, etc. on your competitor site and as long as it is a well built site it will show up higher in the search engines than yours will.  It really makes sense if you think about it.  Google is simply providing the best response.  Some attorneys believe those on the first page actually paid to be there.  To be honest some pay very heavy prices to have a web development company build their site so I guess you could say they do pay, but there are others who have found the key to a well built site and they continue to add new content, they insure they have a design that allows the search engines to navigate which allows for more visibility on all the search engines.  They are actually doing this for a low monthly cost.

Content written by a professional legal writer will show up much better than content written by an attorney.  I personally am by no means a legal writer so you will have to excuse my writing skills but I do have legal writers that write all of our site content.  What I like about our method is the research that goes into the key words needed by a geographical area in order for the site to do well. This research provides valuable information about how many pages, how many key words, which key words should be highlighted or put in bullet format etc.  An attorney can write their own content but they will need to write twice as many pages as our legal writers in order to capture the same key word quality. 

In short, content is key and if an attorney does not have time to write their own content our writers can assist by writing a well researched page for $200 per page.  It is a one time cost not an ongoing monthly $200 like our large legal website competitors.  Why do we publish our prices?  Because we know it is a great value and it meets most attorneys budgets even if they have to add a couple of pages a month in order to continue to build their site.

We would love to talk to you about your content and how we can help your law firm.  Simply e-mail us at info@legallawwebsites.com.

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