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Search engine optimization refers to all the techniques used to generate traffic on your site, which in turn brings you clients. Use our optimization services to ensure that your future clients find you. It is affordable and effective.

Internal Optimization

Internal optimization makes your website search engine friendly. It starts with proper coding. Legal Law Websites will code your site for optimal performance in spider searches. Spiders are search engine software robots that crawl through your website to find the relevant information it needs to catalog your site. A well-structured site points spiders to the information you want them to find.

Title tags and meta-descriptions are part of this equation, labeling your site for best search engine results. Together they tell search engine spiders how to index your site and which searches should lead to your site.

Legal Law Websites will bring you the best in keyword research so that people find your legal website when using any of the most common search terms for lawyers. Empower your future clients by making it easy for them to find your website. Unlock the power of keywords.

Some people will search for “personal injury attorneys.” Others will search for “accident lawyers.” If you are a personal injury lawyer, you want both searches to point to your website. In fact, you want all related searches to bring these future clients to you. When the right keywords are in the hands of expert copywriters and used according to the best optimization practices, people will come to your site whether they search using everyday language or industry jargon.

External Optimization

External optimization drives traffic to your website. Some strategies are web based, and others are more traditional marketing tactics, but all bring attention to your website and your law firm.

One of the best ways to draw people to your website is to build a network of connections to your site from other trusted sites. To accomplish this, Legal Law Websites will create a system of links from outside sources that will direct people to your law practice website.

We will not engage in link farming. This practice might connect you to a greater number of outside websites, but actually will hurt your search results and your business. Search engines penalize websites that use this technique. We build strong networks, not meaningless link farms.

Press releases, article syndication, social media and videos all create a buzz around your business and legal website. Any time you bring attention to your law practice, you have an opportunity to introduce people to your website and present your legal services to future clients. This is where phone calls and emails to you originate.

Legal Law Websites can provide the content and structure your website needs to get people to your homepage and, ultimately, into your office. Email us at to start using our optimization services today.

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